1. Welcome to The House Mavericks Blog!

Ryne and Kelly Lambert The House Mavericks

Welcome to The House Mavericks Blog!

Howdy friends!

Yes by reading this blog we are now friends. You may think this is premature, but hear us out. It’s true that you will probably never ever meet us in person. HOWEVER, over the course of time, just by reading this blog and keeping tabs on our lives you will get to know us better than some of our real world, handshaking, bear-hugging, high-fiving friends. So let’s just skip the waiting and call each other friends. Cool? Alrighty then. Since we are now friends, let’s get the introductions out of the way.

We are Ryne and Kelly Lambert. A couple of crazy kids with a couple of crazy kids. We are also the owners of Sell My House In Wisconsin, a house buying company headquartered in De Pere, Wisconsin. Yes, we are real estate investors which may be what drew you to our blog, but we are so much more than that! You will see!

Why do we call ourselves “The House Mavericks?”

Great question. No, it’s not because Ryne thinks he is more handsome than Tom Cruise (he KNOWS he is more handsome than Tom Cruise, and saner as well!). We believe we are independent thinkers, sometimes contrarian thinkers. Given that we are real estate investors Plus, being called a Maverick is really cool, don’t you think?…Wait you don’t think the word Maverick is cool? Maybe we shouldn’t be friends after all! Who doesn’t think the word Maverick is cool? Whew, sorry we raised our voices. We’re just kidding around. Plus we need readers and everyone is entitled to their own opinion (says Kelly).

Ryne and Kelly Lambert

What can you expect from this blog?

Our intention is to provide our entertaining and sometimes unorthodox perspectives surrounding all things real estate, home improvement, personal finance, personal development, and anything else we can think of that may add value to our friends that read this blog. By reading this blog you will see behind the curtain and get first-hand accounts of our real estate investing journey and many other aspects of our life. Stories will be shared. Tips will be provided. Questions will be asked. Knowledge will be exchanged.

Thank you new friend for reading our first blog post. Don’t forget to subscribe to this blog to receive alerts when new blogs are posted. We look forward to sharing more with you soon!


Ryne and Kelly

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